Out of Azkaban...

..and into the flames of Hell.

Rabastan Lestrange (HP "CANON")
2 November 1961
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This is Rabastan Lestrange after his break out from Azkaban Prison, but before any of my AU stuff has happened. Therefore, he will generally respond to anything that has happened in books 5-7, or shortly after.

He is highly schizophrenic, highly homicidal, and riddled with personality disorders. I take no blame for anything said or done by him. Period. Also, take what he says with a grain of salt. Most things he says are made up, even if he whole-heartedly believes them. He's good at rationalising everything. He does it to keep himself happy.

And of course I am not Gerard Way and I do not own Rabastan Lestrange. Gerard belongs to himself, and Rabastan belongs to J.K. Rowling (much to my dismay).

Mun and muse are both way over 18.